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#BookFaceFriday “Gardening in Miniature” by Janit Calvo

Enjoy the little things with #BookFaceFriday!

Get your green thumbs ready for this week’s #BookFace. Check out “Gardening in Miniature: Create Your Own Tiny Living World” by Janit Calvo (Timber Press, 2013) it’s available to all Nebraska OverDrive Libraries in eBook format. 173 libraries across the state share this collection of 17,165 audiobooks and 28,972 eBooks. As an added bonus it includes 130 podcasts that are always available with simultaneous use (SU), as well as SU ebooks and audiobook titles that publishers have made available for a limited time due to the pandemic or Black Lives Matter.

If you’re a part of it, let your users know about this great title, and if you’re not a member yet, find more information about participating in Nebraska Overdrive Libraries!

Miniature Gardening is a magical option for the gardener with limited yard space. This book will position well anyone who wants to begin creating a little world filled with happy growing things.” —Publishers Weekly

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