Reaching New Readers Through Writing

Amy K. Marshall, Director, Craig Public Library (AK)

Small library, short-staffed, bummer of a budget. How to reach out to new potential patrons? Let the community know your library is a cradle of creativity! All it takes is a table or two, several plug-ins for their laptops, and a welcoming atmosphere. Start a writers’ group! Not sure how to get one off the ground? There are resources—FREE resources—and people willing and able to lend you their assistance. Check out this Lightning Talk on how to start one for kids, for teens, and for adults. It’s all within your budget, because it’s FREE.

One Response to Reaching New Readers Through Writing

  1. Nanette Bulebosh says:

    Thanks, Amy, for spinning my head. Years ago I taught writing workshops and I’d love to get involved in something similar again. Libraries are a natural fit.

    I wasn’t familiar with, or with I’m going to visit these places right away.

    Sounds like you are doing great things for Craig, Alaska.

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