Map of 2015 Logins

As a followup to our evaluation results, we have put together a map of attendee logins.

Throughout the day, there were 455 individual logins to the conference. However, there were multiple locations hosting groups, and when we add in those numbers, our total attendance this year was 529!


Full Disclosure: This map does not actually show all 455 logins. The minimum information required by our mapping software, ZeeMaps, is Name, City, and State/Province. We asked for this information when attendees logged into the conference, but we did not require it. So, 67 of our logins did not have enough information to be added to the map.

Since that is a small number of the total logins, we feel that this map is still a good general representation of the locations of our attendees.

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2015 Survey Results

Thanks to everyone who filled out the evaluation over the past two weeks. We have decided to leave it open indefinitely so you can still access it if you’d like. However at this point we’ve “closed” it in the sense that the charts below are based on the answers through this past weekend and we’ll not be updating these in the future.




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Behind the scenes

For those of you wondering what it looks like from our point-of-view while running the conference (and missed it on Twitter) here’s a quick pick I took early in the day.

Big Talk 2015 Behind the Scenes (1280x721)

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2015 Evaluation Survey Now Open

To DoIf you attended any part of the 2015 conference please take just a few minutes to fill out the online evaluation. If you participated as part of a group, please feel free to pass this link along to the others that attended with you. Your opinion is very important to us and will help us plan next year’s event.

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Thanks for a wonderful conference

Doctor ExcitedI just wanted to take this opportunity to thank both the presenters and everyone who attended on Friday for an amazing day. The presentations were spectacular, the questions were insightful, and the technology worked with just a few minor glitches. Here’s to next year’s running just as well.

In the meantime, keep an eye out here for more post-conference updates. So far we have three slide decks available on the 2015 Presentations page and we’ll add more as we receive them.

The videos will take some time and assuming the tech continues to work well, videos should start appearing tomorrow, also on the 2015 Presentations page.

We’ve not taken a look at the numbers yet, so we’ll post them once we get a look.

Lastly, an online evaluation should be going out today or tomorrow. If you attended watch your inbox for that invitation. Of course, we’ll also post a link here.


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Login Instructions for Big Talk From Small Libraries 2015

Big Talk From Small Libraries will be broadcast online using the GoToWebinar online meeting service. Please see the NLC Online Sessions webpage for detailed information about GoToWebinar, including system requirements and firewall configuration. GoToWebinar works on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices.

TO ATTEND THE CONFERENCE – Pre-Registration is no longer required!

As of 8:30am CST on February 27, you will be able to join the conference at any time by following these instructions. There is one login for the entire day of presentations – you can use these instructions to log in and out of the conference as you like throughout the day, based on your interest and availability.

1. On your computer workstation, go to

and register in the GoToWebinar system.

2. Use the link on the confirmation webpage to connect to the session.

3. You will be connected to audio using your computer’s speakers (VoIP).

If the link above does not work, go to  Type or paste in the Webinar ID: 252-356-194 and enter your e-mail address. Click ‘Yes’ or ‘Always’ (or ‘Trust’ on a Mac) if prompted to accept the download.

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oops-my-badIf you pre-registered Big Talk From Small Libraries 2015 you should have received an e-mail with the login instructions by now. It seems however, that the link to the day’s schedule at the beginning of the e-mail was incorrect. The correct URL for this year’s schedule is and can be found via the Schedule link at the top of this page.

Sorry about that.

If you have not yet received the login instructions, they will be posted here later today.

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Today is the last day to pre-register

411px-Alarm_Clock_3Registrations are currently at 597 a four-year record for the conference. Pre-registration will close tonight at midnight, central time so if you think you might have the time to attend even just one session, please register now. Pre-registration will ensure that you receive the login information for the conference via e-mail. If you don’t pre-register, you can still attend via the login instructions that will be posted on the conference site, but we’d really like the heads-up that you’re planning on attending.

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Just three days left to pre-register

To DoPre-registration for Big Talk From Small Libraries 2015 will close at midnight February 25th so there is still time to register in advance for the conference. As of this morning the registration count stands at 541 (which is way above last year’s count of 372 at this point) so there is still plenty of room. Even if you can’t participate the whole day, please register so you’re sure to receive the login information for the conference.

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One week to go!

CalendarThere’s just one week until Big Talk From Small Libraries 2015. All of the speaker biographies and photos are up on the speakers page, and the tech tests with out presenters are almost all done. We currently have 506 people/groups registered which means we have 494 seats still available. If this is the first you’re hearing about the conference be sure to check out the amazing schedule we have for you and register for free today. If you can’t make it all day, that’s OK. Go ahead and register so you’ll receive the login information and attend live when you can. As with previous years, we’ll be recording everything and posting them for you to watch after the conference.

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