A Destination Library on a Dime

Wendy Brunnemann, Director, & Libbi Sykora, Assistant Librarian, Wall Public Library (SD)

Wall Community Library is housed in a small, historic building. Prior to our arrival in 2011 the goal seemed to be to put as many books as possible into this small space. The back door had been covered over in order to add more bookshelves, leaving a single door for egress. There was no place for hanging out; the space was cramped, unfriendly, and cave-like. This story tells how, in the time of reduced spending, we were able to make some small, inexpensive changes that packed a big punch and made our library an open, welcoming community destination!

Note: There was an audio glitch at the end of the original session that dropped the presenters, so we offered the presenters the opportunity to re-record this session for the archive. This is that new recording.

[prezi id='http://prezi.com/ecylg2emnbdn/big-talk-from-small-libraries/']


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