Is there any geographical limitation on who can register for Big Talk? I’m with a small library (serving 4000 people) in BC, Canada and this web conference interests me a great deal.

There is no geographical limitation on registration. Anyone in the world is welcome to attend. However, please be aware that all times are listed in US Central Time – UTC-6.

I would like to participate in the Big Talk for Small Libraries conference but I don’t have a microphone for my computer. Will that be a problem?

You will not need a microphone for this conference. Since there will be a large number of attendees, we will not be taking any questions/comments/discussion via audio. GoToWebinar has a Question and Answer feature that will be available to submit comments and questions.

These sessions sound interesting but I’m with a “big” library. Can I attend too?

Yes, librarians from any size and any type library are welcome to attend.

What if we can only “attend” for part of the day?  Can we come in and out?

Yes. Due to the way GoToWebinar works, this is listed as a single event and you need to register for the whole day. However, as long as you’re registered, you’re welcome to log in and out throughout the day based on your interest and availability.

I have a conflict with the date of the Big Talk From Small Libraries conference but am interested in hearing some of the discussions. Will there be opportunities to listen later?

We plan on recording all sessions and posting them on the Presentations page after the conference. We’ll also post any material provided by the speakers. However, please be patient as editing eight hours’ worth of video will take some time.

I was wondering if the whole conference will be online and do I have to register to be able to listen to it later.

If you plan on only listening to recordings after the event, there is no need to register. Recordings will be open to all.

Is there any CE credit for this?

Nebraska librarians will earn 1 C.E. credit for each 50-minute session attended.  Due to the nature of this event, we cannot track which sessions you attended, so please fill out the usual form and let us know, so we can record your C.E. credits correctly. If you attended 10-minute lightning round sessions, please list them as well.

If you are a non-Nebraska librarian, any CE credit you wish to earn for this event will need to be arranged with your CE-granting agency since we are not authorized to give you CE. Many CE-granting agencies have given credit for our events in the past.

We will not be providing certificates for attending the conference. However, you can use any of the emails that you have received as proof of your registration for this event. Additionally, a “Thank you for attending” e-mail will automatically be sent from the GoToWebinar system to all attendees who logged in to the live session. That message serves as your proof of attendance.

I need to cancel my registration.

Just drop us a line via the contact form and we’ll take care of that for you. Be sure to include your name and e-mail address.

I’m a library vendor, can I be a sponsor?

We are not accepting commercial sponsorship for this event.

What’s the hash tag for the event?

We’re using #BTSL. (#bigtalk was already taken.)

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