Seats still available for the “Authority Control” class!

There is still time to register for the upcoming “Authority Control” class. This class is also now a requirement for the NLC’s Cataloging Certificate program.


Libraries use authority control to manage the names, uniform titles, series titles, and subject headings in their catalogs. Participants in this class will learn what authority control is and why it is needed, how to read a MARC authority record, and how to use the Library of Congress authority file. The class will also include discussions of how to keep headings in your local systems up-to-date, and the relevance of authority control.

Prerequisite:Understanding MARC21 Bibliographic Records” class or some knowledge of MARC tagging.

This class will be held online from August 2rd to September 5th. To receive full credit, participants must complete all assignments and receive a 75% in the class.

Class participants will access the course website in order to read materials, discuss issues in a forum, and complete assignments. The class is held asynchronously, which means that participants are not required to be online at any particular time during the five weeks; however, there is a class schedule with due dates that participants are expected to meet. The instructor will interact with the participants during the course to offer feedback and provide explanations of the material.

A few days before the class starts, class participants will be sent information about accessing the class.

To register: Go to Authority Control in the Nebraska Library Commission Training Portal. Registration closes July 25th.

This workshop is approved for the NLC Cataloging Certification Program. Courses are open only to Nebraska residents or those who are employed by a Nebraska library.  

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