NCompass Live: Identity and Impostor Syndrome in Library Makerspaces

Learn how to master ‘Identity and Impostor Syndrome in Library Makerspaces’ on next week’s FREE NCompass Live webinar, on Wednesday, June 10 at 10:00am CT. Do makerspaces belong in libraries? Are librarians makers? As makerspaces become more prevalent in libraries, many librarians are questioning their role in the community of tinkerers and creators known as the “Maker Movement.” Gender imbalance and a lack of diversity in makerspaces can lead to impostor syndrome, or “a false and sometimes crippling belief that one’s successes are the product of luck or fraud rather than skill” (Merriam Webster). Impostor syndrome can affect anyone, but studies suggest that women and people of color are more likely to experience these feelings of inadequacy. This session will share the findings of one librarian’s examination of her impostor syndrome and consider factors that can contribute to self-doubt in library makerspaces. She will share the results of conversations and interviews with her peers, as well as strategies for managing impostor syndrome. Participants are encouraged to take time to reflect on a time when they felt out of place or unsure of themselves, and share their own approaches for conquering impostor syndrome. Presenter: Leanne Nay, Digital Engagement Librarian, Indiana University Libraries. Upcoming NCompass Live shows:
  • June 17 – Who are These People & Why are They in My Library? Using Empathy & UX to Understand Your Library Patrons
  • June 24 – Pretty Sweet Tech – How to Leverage Online Learning to Build New Skills
For more information, to register for NCompass Live, or to listen to recordings of past events, go to the NCompass Live webpage. NCompass Live is broadcast live every Wednesday from 10am – 11am Central Time. Convert to your time zone on the Official U.S. Time website. The show is presented online using the GoToWebinar online meeting service. Before you attend a session, please see the NLC Online Sessions webpage for detailed information about GoToWebinar, including system requirements, firewall permissions, and equipment requirements for computer speakers and microphones.
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