The Data Dude on Makerspace Survey (pt. 2)

makerspace chart 2Last week, we took a brief look at some of the survey data from a recent (2016) NLC survey on makerspaces (part 1). Specifically, we looked at the most common items that are available in existing Nebraska library makerspaces. Today, we will look at those libraries that expressed interest in having a makerspace in their library, but do not currently have a space. Many of these libraries are in the planning stages. There are a few similarities and a few differences with the items already in Nebraska library makerspaces and those that have only thus far expressed interest. Namely, at the top of both lists are arts and crafts items and Legos. Hands down, these are the most common. In fact, 4 out of the 37 respondents who reported having an existing space call the space Lego something or other. This makes a lot of sense, as Legos and arts and craft items are low cost, simple items to have and might not require a great deal of physical space. The differences, however, lie in the fact that among survey respondents who have existing makerspaces, the top items lack a great deal of technology (it should be noted that 3D printers were at least prevalent enough to make the chart). Conversely, among those interested or planning spaces, technology related items (computer app creation, computer programming, and robotics) were noted as higher, in addition to 3D printers. Finally, a couple of maker plugs. The Three Rivers Library System is sponsoring a makerspace workshop with NLC Technology and Innovation librarian, Craig Lefteroff next week on April 12, 2016. Secondly, the upcoming April 27, 2016 NCompass Live, titled Lessons Learned Establishing a Technology Makerspace – Online may be of interest. Shaka.
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