Friday Reads: Nemesis by Jo Nesbo

NesboAlong with millions of others, I am a fan of Stieg Larsson’s “Millenium” trilogy of crime novels.  Seriously, is there a more compelling character than Lisbeth Salander? Those were the first novels I’d read by a Scandinavian author. Having enjoyed Larsson’s series I was curious to learn more about Jo Nesbo, a popular Norwegian author who writes crime fiction – a lot of crime fiction. Harry Hole is the main character in a series of, so far, ten crime novels written by Nesbo. Hole is described as a “classic loose cannon” in the Oslo (Norway) police force. He’s flawed, but, of course, brilliant. Thus far I’ve read Nesbo’s Nemesis (#4) and The Devil’s Star (#5). Had I known more about the series I would have started with the first book. Even so, the books need not be read in sequence. There’s sufficient detail to fill in the pieces. Nesbo is a prolific writer. His books have universal appeal (at least for the crime fiction crowd). His books have been translated into over 40 languages and have sold over 23 million copies. In addition to Nesbo’s Harry Hole novels, he’s written books in series based on other characters (Doctor Proctor, for one). He’s written stand-alone works (Headhunter is another I read recently) and children’s books. He even finds time to be the lead singer for a band performing a hundred or so gigs a year. Those who enjoy crime fiction, as I do, will find it worthwhile to give Nesbo’s books a try.
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  1. Beth Goble says:

    I have listened to a couple of Nesbo’s books and will definitely read or listen to more. The first one, The Redbreast, was really good. As you noted, Harry Hole is definitely a loose cannon! I had no idea he wrote so many other books and has a band too. If you like “depressing Scandinavian crime novels” try Inaldur Indridasson’s Icelandic series featuring detective Erlander. Read Jar City first.

    Thanks for sharing Rod!

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