Create a topic calendar for your Facebook page or blog posts

Does it ever get exhausting trying to think up a menu for the week or whip something up on the fly? To simplify my life, I finally decided that we cook Mexican on Tuesdays and Italian on Thursdays. With leftovers two other nights, that only leaves three nights a week that we need to come up with something original. This approach to menu planning has also helped me write out my grocery shopping list each week. You can apply this menu planning strategy to the maintenance of your library’s Facebook page or blog. With a topical calendar, you’ll be more easily inspired, you’ll narrow your focus, and your fan base will become more engaged as they look forward to your posts. If you include links, you’ll draw your readers to your website…a bonus! Here’s an example schedule:
  • Monday – New arrivals
  • Tuesday – Collection or database highlight
  • Wednesday – Three-sentence book review, with a link to the item in your catalog
  • Thursday – Upcoming programs/events
  • Friday – Show and tell. Ask fans to post pictures of themselves with what they’ve been reading that week.
Please comment below or e-mail me if you try this. I’d be curious to know how it’s working for you. Adapted from this “The Nonprofit Facebook Guy” blog post.
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