A Reminder About NEBASE and OCLC Changes

Over the summer, we sent out various messages about changes related to OCLC product support, training, ordering and billing. In case you missed the announcements, here is a quick recap of what has happened. Please pass this message on to any of your colleagues who work with OCLC products. NEBASE ceased to be an OCLC network as of July 1, 2009. NEBASE was the OCLC network for the state of Nebraska, but due to changes OCLC made in their Partner Program for networks, NEBASE could not survive financially. We had no choice but to no longer continue as an OCLC network. So, there have been changes to who you now contact for various OCLC products and issues. 1. The Nebraska Library Commission continues as the administrator of the Nebraska CatExpress, WebDewey and NetLibrary Shared Collection groups. So, for assistance with purchasing those services, please see our new [obsolete link removed] OCLC Services website 2. For all questions related to technical support for OCLC products and services, you should now contact OCLC Customer Support at 1-800-848-5800 or support@oclc.org 3. We worked with OCLC to transition our Nebraska OCLC member libraries to another network, BCR, based out of Colorado. As of July 1, BCR became your official OCLC network. For billing and ordering assistance for OCLC products not administered by the Nebraska Library Commission (see #1 above), contact BCR at 1-800-397-1552 or support@bcr.org 4. For OCLC training – see BCR’s Continuing Education & Training page or OCLC’s Training website For more details about these changes, please read our blog posts regarding the changes and transition: [obsolete link removed] OCLC and NEBASE’s Future [obsolete link removed] NEBASE Members to Transition to BCR [obsolete link removed] OCLC Customer Support [obsolete link removed] NEBASE Closure If you have any questions, please contact Christa Burns, 402-471-3107 or 800-307-2665.
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