Small Information Campaign Gets Big Numbers at the Polls

Melissa Gardner, Director & Katrina Arnold, Trustee, Broadview Public Library District (IL)

In November of 2012 the Broadview Public Library District had a bond measure on the Ballot for $4.1 million to renovate and expand their current library.  Despite having a community which was hit hard with the economic downturn the Library measure passed with an overwhelming 81% support.  Both the Library Director Melissa Gardner and Library Trustee Katrina Arnold will speak giving two different perspectives on the various components of our informational campaign that lead us to this success.  We did it with a few dedicated people and feel that others can do it too.  Among other things we will share: Panning and the role it played, what publicity was put out, our door-to-door campaign, success and thanking the public, and next steps in the process and where we are now.

Due to technical issues this session was rescheduled and presented on 13 March 2013. This is the recording from that day.

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