Oldies Night @ the Library

Bob Jones, Milton-Freewater Public Library (OR)

Oldies Night @ the Library is different from most programs libraries do.  It’s easy, it’s inexpensive, and it’s fun.  It’ll attract people who don’t otherwise visit your library.  It’s popular music of the not-so-distant past, which stirs up nostalgia and memories of high school years by taking you back to the days of Top 40 radio.  You’ll need an oldies music junkie, some oldies recordings, a bit of stereo equipment, and a room.  I’ll show you how we’ve combined those to create 3 hours of cheap, trashy rock ‘n’ roll once a month.  You can, too!

Due to significant audio quality issues in the original recording, Bob has rerecorded his presentation for us. This version contains his re-recorded presentation along with the Q&A from the original session. Therefore, this session is a little longer than the original recording.

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