Discounts on Books & Supplies

Midwest Library Service, a supplier of books to public, academic, and law libraries for nearly 60 years, would like to extend a discount offer on various book acquisitions and collection development services to Nebraska libraries.

The discount offer is effective through December 31, 2018 and includes:

  • Free access to InterACQ (Midwest’s online acquisitions and collection development system)
  • Free collection development tools including New Book Title Notifications
  • Free ILS integration including MARC order records, EDI ordering and invoicing
  • Trade Hardcover: up to 33%
  • Trad & Mass Market Paperbacks: 10%
  • University Press: 17%
  • Science/Technology: 15%
  • Standing Order: up to 10%
  • Library Bindings: 5-15%
  • Short Discounted Titles: 5%
  • Net titles: 0%

For additional information about this offer, see the Nebraska Library Commission’s Discounts on Books & Supplies page. Click on the Midwest Library Service link to jump directly to the terms of this offer.

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