Nourish Strong Partnerships to Foster Health Education

HealthHappensThe Health Happens in Libraries team has posted a new article to support libraries as you Nourish Strong Partnerships to Foster Health Education. The article includes two key resources to amplify your efforts: Supporting Healthy Communities through Health Information and Services is a free resource to guide library staff in identifying local community health priorities and finding the right partners to address those priorities. The guide emphasizes strategies to access community data, make contact with other community organizations, and serve children, families and your community at large with a focus on health. The PDF guide can be downloaded here. In addition, the Developing Health Literacy through Health Information and Services guide provides further inspiration on promoting health literacy in your community. It highlights many freely available health literacy resources for you and your library’s patrons to access at any time. This PDF guide is available for download here. Both guides include individual and team reflection questions to help you take action on the information in a local context. Please-take a look! Print a copy, share with your colleagues and post your ideas for using these resources to social media with the hashtag #libs4health. (If this request looks familiar, it is! :-)) Thanks for all you do to contribute to the vitality of your communities. (Reprinted from OCLC WebJunction, Thursday, February 25, 2016)
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