New Books Added to the Library Commission Collection

The following books have been added to the collection–please contact the Information Services Team if you’d like to check out any of these titles. Thanks.

How to Thrive as a Solo Librarian, by Carol Smallwood & Melissa J. Clapp

Crash Course in Genealogy, by David R. Dowell

Life Stories; A Guide to Reading Interests in Memoirs, Autobiographies, and Diaries, by Maureen O’Connor

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, & Questioning Teen Literature; A Guide to Reading Interests, by Carlisle K. Webber

The Shoestring Library, by Sheryl Kindle Fullner

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2 Responses to New Books Added to the Library Commission Collection

  1. Alicia Graybill says:

    May I please check out “How to Thrive as a Solo Librarian”? And “The Shoestring Library” if possible.
    Thank you!

    • Lisa Kelly says:

      Thanks for your interest in our collection! Both books are checked out currently but you have been reserved for both titles and we will check them out and send them to you when they are returned at Elmwood Public Library. Thanks again for your interest! – Lisa

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