BIP 2.0 & Non-Fiction Connection

I’m excited to announce that Bowker, the producer of Books in Print (BIP), has released a new interface for the BIP database called Books in Print 2.0. This new interface will replace both the Patron BIP and Professional BIP interfaces. The new interface includes a number of great features including:

  • A single search box that searches across numerous fields including titles, authors, subjects and ISBN. An advanced search screen is also available to perform more precise searches.
  • Search results that are FRBRized. This means that in your initial search result list, multiple editions of a title (e.g., hardcover, softcover, large print, compact disc) will be represented by a single record, as opposed to a separate record for each edition. That single record will indicate that there are multiple editions of the title available. Clicking on the title will reveal information about each of the editions.
  • Over 50 faceted refine options available along the right hand side of the page to easily narrow your search results.

Additional information about the new interface is available on the front page of the database.
We have updated the links in NebraskAccess to point to the new interface. During the transition period we have included a link to the old Patron BIP interface under the main BIP link. At this time we do not know how long we will be able to continue to access the old interface.
Non-Fiction Connection
In addition to the new BIP interface Nebraskans now have access to Non-Fiction Connection. With the renewal of BIP in July, Bowker included this database free for one year.
Non-Fiction Connection is a readers’ advisory tool promoting non-fiction titles that contain characters, storylines and drama that read much like a traditional novel. The interface is very similar to the Fiction Connection database that we have had access to for years.
Access both Books in Print 2.0 and Non-Fiction Connection at:
Additional information about linking to these and the other databases included in NebraskAccess can be found at:
Would you like a basic overview of these two databases? Join me Wednesday August 18 for an NCompass Live Session dedicated to these two databases. Register at: [obsolete link removed]

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