Help us welcome our new staff member Michael Sauers!

Look here! Our newest employee, Michael Sauers, began today. Michael moved to Lincoln from Aurora, Colorado where he was the Internet Trainer for the Bibliographical Center for Research (BCR) a sister library network. Michael is our Technology Innovation Librarian and is responsible for introducing libraries throughout Nebraska to new and useful technologies in order to improve library services. Michael is just getting settled in today, but you will soon see him out and about the state fostering a love of innovation of new and emerging technology. His first Nebraska road trip will be to Alliance where he will be presenting a session on Tech Terms for the Panhandle Library System Technology Tune-Up Workshop on March 23. Michael has his own blog, “The Travelin’ Librarian” where you can read more about him, his interests, technology and of course, LIBRARIES! Help us welcome Michael to Nebraska!

New Network Services Member

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12 Responses to Help us welcome our new staff member Michael Sauers!

  1. DAD says:

    Kudos on the new job….Good photo
    We’ll call after I get home on the 15th

  2. Karen says:

    Hey, Michael / Neighbor (sort of); welcome to the Heartland! Best wishes in the new job.

  3. Kate Ostenrude says:

    Welcome Michael!

  4. Evelyn Ost says:

    Welcome Michael-Hope you can make it out to the Sandhills of Nebraska sometime to enjoy its beauty. Best wishes!

  5. Judy Grandstaff says:

    Hello Michael. Those of us in the RVLS (new acronyms for you to learn) will be ready to pick your brain and learn “new stuff” when you come visit. The Great Plains are really great.

  6. Pam Bohmfalk says:

    Welcome aboard, Michael. Looking forward to meeting you & hearing your ideas! Stop by Hastings Public anytime you are in the area.

  7. Deb Finley says:

    Welcome to Nebraska Michael. I’m a transplant too! Born and raised just south of Buffalo. Am looking forward to meeting you. Best of luck (you won’t need it…you have some wonderful folks to work with)in your new position!

  8. connie arellano says:

    Welcome. Hope to meet you some day.
    From the Bridgeport Public Library (panhandle area),
    Connie and Lori

  9. Mary Fritts says:

    Welcome to the NLC team, Michael. Those of us out across this broad state really appreciate their support and help and look forward to meeting you in the future.
    Mary Fritts
    Lyons Public Library

  10. Linda Risinger - Orchard Public Library says:

    Welcome to the state, Michael. I’ll look forward to meeting you in person at some CE workshop.

  11. Patty Birch says:

    Welcome to Nebraska, Michael. It was good to meet you at the NLC State Advisory Board meeting on March 9th. How great Nebraska will now have a Technology Innovation Librarian!

  12. Jan says:

    Welcome aboard. Stop by some time…if you can find us.

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