#BookFaceFriday “Everything for a Dog” by Ann M. Martin

 Lassie, go get #BookFace!

Get the tissue box ready, because I don’t know about you, but I cannot read a book about dogs without the flood gates opening. I blame Old Yeller, and Where the Red Fern Grows, but let’s just face it, they’re called man’s best friend for a reason. If you and your book club are looking for a great read that will pull the heartstrings, check out “Everything for a Dog by Ann M. Martin (Square Fish, 2011.) This middle-grade read is all about a stray dog, and a couple of boys who find their way to each other just when they need it. The Nebraska Library Commission’s Book Club Kit Collection is available and easily accessible for all libraries and schools across the state. This service allows libraries and school librarians to “check out” multiple copies of a book without adding to their permanent collections, or budgets. This week’s #BookFace can be found on the NLC Book Club Kit webpage. And if dogs just aren’t your thing, you can find book titles about all kinds of other animals, from cats to pandas, by searching the Book Club Kits collection’s “Animals Genre”. Don’t forget, book clubs aren’t just for adults, we have a wide selection of middle grade and YA titles available.

“[Martin] artfully alternates and gradually weaves together threads from the canine and human tales until the three stories converge in time and space into a completely heartwarming and satisfying finale. Essential fare for fans of the perfectly crafted canine tale.”

Kirkus, starred review


Book Club Kits Rules for Use

  1. These kits can be checked out by the librarians of Nebraska libraries and media centers.
  2. Circulation times are flexible and will be based upon availability. There is no standard check-out time for book club kits.
  3. Please search the collection to select items you wish to borrow and use the REQUEST THIS KIT icon to borrow items.
  4. Contact the Information Desk at the Library Commission if you have any questions: by phone: 800/307-2665, or by email: Information Services Team

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