#BookFaceFriday “Back When We Were Grownups”

We’re loving this #BookFaceFriday‘s 1960 vibe. It’s so very Betty Draper, if you know, Betty Draper read…

"Back When We Were Grownups" BookFace We’re also loving the idea of reading books about women, written by women as we celebrate Women’s History Month. “Once upon a time, there was a woman who discovered she had turned into the wrong person ” that’s the opening line of this week’s #BookFaceFriday. “Back When We Were Grownups” by Anne Tyler (Alfred A. Knopf, 2001) is a familial drama, set in Baltimore, where main character Rebecca Davitch looks back over her life and questions her choices. This novel is a part of our NLC Book Club Kit collection, and can be reserved for your book club to read today!
“Her characters endear themselves to the reader with their candor and their wit and their simple decency. . . . The charm of an Anne Tyler novel lies in the clarity of her prose and the wisdom of her observations.”                                                –The Washington Post Book World.
Love this #BookFace & reading? We suggest checking out all the titles available for book clubs at http://nlc.nebraska.gov/ref/bookclub. Check out our past #BookFaceFriday photos on the Nebraska Library Commission’s Facebook page!
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