Over $7 Million in E-rate Funding Awarded to Nebraska Schools and Public Libraries

On April 23, USAC released Wave 1 of Funding Commitment Decision Letters (FCDLs) for E-rate Funding Year 2022. This first Wave includes $7,109,154.97 in funding commitments for 275 Nebraska school and public library applicants.

Congratulations to all Nebraska schools and public libraries who have been funded!

A list of public libraries who have received E-rate funding is on the NLC E-rate webpage. The 2022 list will be updated as new funding waves are announced. For more details and a list of all E-rate applications for both schools and public libraries, you can use USAC’s E-rate FRN Status Tool FY2016+, which provides funding request data including funding status, funding wave data, and disbursements. View the training video to learn how to use this tool.

If you haven’t received your FCDL yet, don’t panic! There are many more weekly Waves to come as USAC processes more applications. This is just the start of Funding Year 2022, more approvals are coming.

When your FCDL is ready, it will be attached as a printable PDF to the email notifying you that your FCDL has been issued. It will also be available in the Notifications section of your EPC account, but you are no longer required to log into your EPC account to view it.

IMPORTANT: As soon as you receive your FCDL, you should immediately go on to the next step in the E-rate process, filing your Form 486. This form is submitted in your EPC account. Information and instructions on how to do that can be found on the USAC website.

If you have any questions or need any assistance with your public library’s E-rate forms, visit the NLC E-rate webpage or contact Christa Porter, State E-rate Coordinator for Public Libraries, 800-307-2665, 402-471-3107.

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