Making talking book service better known

Wanted to brief you on activities to make the Library Commission’s Talking Book and Braille Service better known to Nebraskans with print-related disabilities. We have just sent out a brochure as a self-mailer to every eye care professional in Nebraska. Will follow this up with a second mailing within a few weeks–this time a packet that includes a brief cover letter and application forms. We are starting to work on a mailing to every public library. This will include two posters and two document holders (or stands). The letter will encourage librarians to place one poster somewhere in the library, such as near the large print or audio book collection, where individuals who struggle with regular-sized print might come to browse. The second poster is provided for librarians to take at their discretion to someplace like the neighborhood cafe where seniors like to congregate. We are also looking at placing some paid ads in magazines targeting seniors. Ideas on outreach? Would like to hear what you think might work to keep Talking Book and Braille Service in public view.
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  1. Rosa Schmidt says:

    Assisted Living facilities would be a great place to send the information also!

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