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Throwback Thursday: Stock Pens, South Omaha

Happy #ThrowbackThursday from Nebraska Memories!

Few industries say “Omaha” like the stockyards. The stockyards began in 1883 when Wyoming cattle baron, Alexander Swan, wanted a livestock market closer than Chicago. Together with six local businessmen, he formed the Union Stockyards on December 1, 1883. The livestock pens covered acres of land. Between 1907 and 1910, most of the old pens were rebuilt with elevated walkways. Buyers could then view the animals without threading their way through the pens. In the early 20th century, Union Stockyards was the world’s largest sheep market. The stock yards were dependent upon Union Pacific Railroad to bring livestock to market. On average, 20,000 animals per day arrived at the Union Stockyards.

This 14 x 9 cm color postcard is published and owned by Omaha Public Library. The items in this collection include early Omaha-related maps dating from 1922 back to 1825, as well as over 1,000 postcards and photographs of the Omaha area.

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