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Storytelling through digital and traditional media

Harlequin publishers has begun an experimental project, spinning a romance through ebooks, video, mobile and social media.

The fictional Chatsfield hotel, based in London, is the setting for stories that will “develop the characters that the consumers interact with most.”  Four main characters will tell their stories using multiple digital, social and mobile channels – including their own Facebook, YouTube, blogs and Twitter accounts, as well as traditional publishing.  It is up to the reader to gather various parts of the stories as they unfold.

The Chatsfield miniseries begins with prequel novella Engaged at The Chatsfield, currently available for download and with the novel Sheikh’s Scandal by Lucy Monroe. Monthly novels through November are listed at Harlequin.com.

The Chatsfield will also have a Lounge where readers can contribute their own stories and hotel adventures.

Harlequin UK Managing Director, Tim Cooper says, “We don’t really know how this project will end or where it will take us – but isn’t that the whole point of a great story?” The aim of The Chatsfield is to attract a younger audience which is already involved with social media.

Over the next three months, Harlequin plans to distribute more than 800 pieces of content involving the four character storylines over multiple platforms.

You can check in to the Chatsfield and check it out.

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