Smokey Bear Reading Challenge

To celebrate Smokey Bear’s 80th Birthday the National Forest Service has set up their Smokey Bear Reading Challenge.  To learn more about the Challenge, visit here.

The Forest Service is going to ask how many children signed up and filled in a log of the challenge, so please keep a count if you promote it to your community.

We have received the items the National Forest Service mailed to the Library Commission for their Smokey Bear Reading Challenge.  Each public library is welcome to receive the following items:

One roll of 500 Smokey Stickers
One package of 50 Smokey Cards
One Smokey Stamp

I plan to deliver what I can at the Library Systems’ Summer Reading Program workshops.  If you do not plan to attend the workshop, or if your system’s workshop has already met, we will be working on a way to get the items to you if you want them.

Also, take a look at the digital toolkit prepared by the National Forest Service.

Amanda Shelton, Director of the Franklin Public Library, made a QR code for their website.  Thank you Amanda!

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