Pretty Sweet Tech: Prairie STEM Library Pack Raffle!

The Nebraska Library Commission partnered with Prairie STEM to raffle off 42 STEM Library Packs! Each Library Pack comes with 12 individual kits that have instructions, career exploration information, and all the materials you need for assembly. Some of the design-related activities can be enhanced by items you have laying around the library.

About Prairie STEM

Prairie STEM is an Omaha-based nonprofit that offers STEM kits, educator training, and outreach programs in the Omaha area and beyond. They’ve partnered with various schools, libraries and educational institutions across the state, including virtual reality, drone, and smart garden programs.

Need Kits Right Away?

Through this partnership, you also have the option to purchase kits directly from Prairie STEM. You can get Classroom Packs of 12 or 24 of any or all of these types of kits:

  • Cell Building Innovation
  • Environmental Challenge
  • Pendulum Painting
  • Toothpaste Challenge
  • Blood Model Innovation
  • Design a Glider Innovation
  • Quick Escape Challenge

Purchase kits directly at this link:

Feel free to contact Prairie STEM to ask about partnering on any programming, custom kits, or educator/ facilitator training in your community.

Enter the Raffle!

Fill out this quick form to enter the raffle and be 1 of 42 libraries to win a STEM Pack! All the details are in the flyer below:

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