Friday Reads: Squished by Megan Wagner Lloyd

A full color graphic novel for tween readers, ages 8-12 or so. Avery (11) the second-oldest of seven children in the loving Lee family, is beginning to feel squished by her siblings.  When her older brother is given a room of his own, and her room of two is becoming a room of three, (younger brother Max is moving in with Avery and her sister, Pearl), she prepares a list of reasons she should have her own room, to no avail.

Avery loves her family, she just gets a bit embarrassed and frustrated by them.  She also has some good friends who she spends time with – and they share some inside jokes as well.

Now Avery has decided to earn money in order to have a room built for her in the basement.  Walking dogs and selling lemonade do not work out well.  Then she learns the family may be moving to Oregon for her mother’s new job, and a room of her own is not even an issue anymore.  She doesn’t want to move away from her friends and all she knows.

There is plenty going on and readers will relate to Avery’s ups and downs.

Megan Wagner Lloyd. Squished. New York, Graphix, Scholastic Inc., 2023.

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