Deadline for Submitting Comments for Nebraska Public Service Commission (PSC) NUSF-117 P.O.#1 is Fast Approaching

The PSC wants to hear comments on how they can assist our Nebraska Public Libraries to improve internet access and internal network infrastructure at community libraries. The PSC is asking for comments from library staff across the state for the PSC Order.  Submissions are due on or before May 26, 2023, 5 p.m. with reply comments due June 16, 2023. Comments should be emailed to:


  1. What opportunities can the PSC pursue to increase participation and cover costs incurred by schools, libraries, and Consortiums (“participating entities”) in installing fiber networks? Examples may be initial fiber builds to the library (cost or other challenges), ongoing maintenance of equipment and infrastructure, payment of the monthly recurring costs for service, cybersecurity support, and filters for CIPA compliance.
  2. What barriers do participating entities currently face in relation to participation in the E-rate program? Examples may be help with the E-rate forms/filing, filtering support, lack of or cost of tech support, knowledge or help with what are eligible reimbursements/costs (e.g. project planning).
  3. Are there any partnerships or outreach opportunities which the PSC should pursue?
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