Announcing the New NebraskAccess

This summer we have been busy reconfiguring NebraskAccess to accommodate new content, new database access pages, and new authentication options. NebraskAccess continues to offer the databases available in the past, as well the updated Websites Selected by Librarians, which provides the best information on Nebraska-related topics, including living and working in the state; researching Nebraska government, history and genealogy; planning a Nebraska visit or exploring the state; finding services, entertainment, education; and other frequently asked questions.

What’s new?

Two new K12 databases have been added to the NebraskAccess lineup—MAS Complete, designed for high school libraries, and Middle Search Plus, designed for middle school libraries. The Explora for High Schools interface has been added, and Explora Primary is now Explora for Elementary/Middle Schools.

Database Access Pages
To support libraries that prefer to direct their users to a ready-made database access page on the NebraskAccess website, there are now three options. We will continue to maintain a page that links to all NebraskAccess databases. Additionally, we have taken the opportunity provided by our new MAS Complete and Middle Search Plus subscriptions to create two new database access pages—one aimed at high school students and one aimed at elementary/middle school students—each with customized versions of databases we think are most likely to meet the everyday research needs of those students.

As always, Nebraska libraries can link directly to individual NebraskAccess databases from pages on their own websites. This is a great way for libraries to integrate access to state- and locally-funded resources. It also gives librarians, who know their patrons best, control over which NebraskAccess databases to promote and how to present them. Information about linking to the individual databases can be found in NebraskAccess Librarian’s Toolbox: Linking to NebraskAccess.

Note: Biblionix users please stay tuned. We are working with Karl Beiser to make adding new content to your Biblionix Electronic Resources section as smooth as possible.

Authentication Options
Current methods of authentication will continue to work but there are changes in the password option, as well as other new authentication options.

To accompany the three new access pages, we will distribute three unique NebraskAccess passwords to each participating library—one for each access page. These passwords will be updated annually, on August 1. This is a change from our past practice of distributing a single NebraskAccess password to each library, and updating it twice per year.

To help you distribute passwords to patrons for home use, customizable business cards can be found in the NebraskAccess Librarian’s Toolbox.

New options for implementation of IP Authentication are available, so we ask that you read NebraskAccess Linking and Authentication to find the best option for your library.

EBSCO, the vendor responsible for many NebraskAccess database offerings, now provides an SSO (Single Sign On) option for students. K12 schools not already set up but interested in this option should contact Allana Novotny, 402-471-6681, 800-307-2665.


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