NCompass Live: E-Rate 101 – Just the Basics

What is E-rate? How can my library benefit from E-rate? How do I apply for E-rate? Bring all of your E-rate questions to ‘E-rate 101: Just the Basics’, next week’s NCompass Live webinar, on Wednesday, August 17 at 10am CT.

E-rate is a federal program that provides discounts to schools and public libraries on the cost of their Internet Access and Connections to make these services more affordable. This includes Broadband, Fiber, and Wi-Fi Internet access as well as Internal Connections, such as wiring, routers, switches, and other network equipment.

This session will be a general overview of the E-rate program and will be useful to libraries who have never applied for E-rate, libraries who are new to E-rate, and current E-rate libraries who just want a short refresher on what E-rate is all about.

IMPORTANT NOTES: The dates and rules in this session will be specific to E-rate Funding Year 2023. Full in-depth E-rate workshops will be held later in the year.

Presenter: Christa Porter, Nebraska’s State E-rate Coordinator for Public Libraries, Nebraska Library Commission.

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