Register Now for Fall LIS Classes at Central Community College

Library and Information Services (LIS) class registration is now open at Central Community College for Fall 2021: August 16, 2021 – December 10, 2021.

Classes include:

  • Foundations of Library and Information Services, with Marty Magee, Instructor. This course provides introductory information in multiple areas including the history of libraries, foundational principles, databases and websites, library technology use, programming, and changing library roles.
    • Library history and organizations
    • Foundation Principles/Code of Ethics
    • Information databases and Internet usage
  • Leadership and Management in Library and Information Agencies, with Michael Straatmann, Instructor. This course includes the theories, concepts, and activities integral to leading and managing 21st Century libraries and information agencies.
    • Leadership principles
    • Management strategies
    • Policies and procedures
  • Library and Information Services Capstone Practicum, with Patty Birch, Instructor. In this final course in the LIS program, students complete 40 hours of service learning in a host library and review learning from the LIS program.
    • Prerequisites: LIBR 1010, 2100, 2150, 2210, & 2250

For information concerning Admissions or Registration, contact: Dee Johnson, 402-562-1418 or Toll Free at 877-222-0780

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