Small-Town Libraries Encouraged to Apply for 2022 Kreutz Bennett Grants

Nebraska Community Foundation once again encourages small town libraries to apply for grants through the Kreutz Bennett Donor-Advised Fund, which has awarded more than $665,000 to libraries in the last nine years. Grants will be made to libraries located in communities with populations below 3,000. There are three different areas of support available. Each grant requires a one-to-one match in local funding. Planning for Accreditation Grants The fund advisory committee encourages all eligible, unaccredited libraries to view the recently updated grant guidelines. A number of additional activities and expenses are now eligible for funding through a “Planning for Accreditation Grant.”
  • Grant amount per year: $500 minimum; $2,500 maximum
  • Match required: 1:1 ($1 in other funding to $1 Kreutz Bennett grant. In-kind match not allowed)
  • Timeframe: Multi-year grants possible
Enhancement Grants Accredited libraries may apply for program support leading to the creation or improvement of library services and/or outreach. Eligible activities will enhance or create community education and outreach programs or services. Preference will be given to programs or services that benefit low-income individuals or families, new Americans or underserved populations. Existing or new programs may be considered.
  • Grant amount per year: $1,000 minimum; $10,000 maximum
  • Match required: 1:1 ($1 in other funding to $1 Kreutz Bennett grant. Up to 50% of the match amount may be contributed in the form of in-kind service or products)
  • Timeframe: Multi-year grants possible.
Facilities Grants Accredited libraries may request funding for new facilities or the renovation, restoration or rehabilitation of current libraries. Eligible activities include construction of a new facility or rehabilitation or expansion of an existing facility. Preference will be given to rehabilitation of historic libraries and to projects with a long-term sustainability plan.
  • Grant amount: $5,000 minimum; $10,000 maximum
  • Match required: 1:1 ($1 other funding to $1 Kreutz Bennett grant; in-kind match not allowed)
  • Timeframe: Multi-year grants are possible over several grant cycle years; not to exceed a total of $10,000 per applicant.
Grant applications are simple to complete. A short-form proposal is due October 1, 2021, and a full proposal is due in January 2022. Due to the effort’s tremendous success over the past decade, the Fund is close to spending down available money. This could be the last year the opportunity is available. Grant seekers may review and download the guidelines and application procedures on the Kreutz Bennett Donor-Advised Fund website. For more information, contact Kristine Gale, Nebraska Community Foundation Community Impact Coordinator, 402.822.0466 or Kristine will also be talking about the Kreutz Bennett Grants on NCompass Live on August 11. Sign up on the NCompass Live website. About the Kreutz Bennett Donor-Advised Fund The Kreutz Bennett Donor-Advised Fund was established in 2010 by the estate of Shirley Kreutz Bennett. A life-long learner, Kreutz Bennett graduated from Harvard High School in 1941, earned a BA from the University of Washington, Seattle, plus an MA and PhD from Columbia University, New York. Shirley was a retired Professor of Education at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln. In accordance with Kreutz Bennett’s wishes, a Fund Advisory Committee composed of her nieces and nephews recommends grants in three areas: planning for accreditation grants to support steps taken toward gaining accreditation; enhancement grants to improve library services; and facilities grants for new construction or the renovation, restoration or rehabilitation of current libraries. About Nebraska Community Foundation Nebraska Community Foundation unleashes abundant local assets, inspires charitable giving and connects ambitious people to build stronger communities and a Greater Nebraska. Headquartered in Lincoln, the Foundation serves communities, donors and organizations by providing financial management, strategic development, education and training to a statewide network of 1,500 volunteers serving 270 communities. In the last five years, 45,313 contributions have been made to Nebraska Community Foundation and its affiliated funds. Since 1994, Nebraska Community Foundation has reinvested $393.1 million in Nebraska’s people and places. For information, visit
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