MyHeritage Library Edition Online Self-Paced Class

MyHeritage Library Edition is a genealogy database that contains more than five billion historical records from 48 countries including census and other government records, historical records, and photographs. MyHeritage is available to Nebraska residents at no cost through NebraskAccess.MyHeritage Library Edition Have you wanted to explore this database, but haven’t made the time or didn’t know where to start? This class is designed to help you explore the resources available in MyHeritage at your own pace. The class consists of short lessons combined with quizzes that will require you to use MyHeritage to locate the answers. This self-paced class is open to all Nebraska librarians and Nebraska public library board members. It will be available online from June 1 through June 30. You may begin the class at any point during the month of June, and you will have until the end of the month to complete it. This means you can complete the class in a few days or spread the lessons out over the month. Class participants who are enrolled in the Nebraska Public Librarian or Public Library Board Certification program and who successfully complete all class lessons and quizzes by June 30th will earn 2 CE credit hours. Register for the class at: NebraskAccess
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