E-rate: Form 470 Deadline and Online Resources

Just a reminder …. Thursday, April 13 is the deadline to submit the first form in the E-rate process, Form 470, for the upcoming 2017 Funding Year. The filing window for submitting the second form in the process, Form 471, opened at noon EST on Monday, February 27, and will close at 11:59 PM EDT on Thursday, May 11. This makes April 13 the deadline to post your Form 470 to the USAC website, meet the 28-day posting requirement for the competitive bidding process, and submit a Form 471 by the filing window closing date. However, we do not recommend waiting until the last day to submit your Form 470! If there are any issues that day, like the E-rate servers are slowed down because it is the last day to submit, or you can’t submit the form due to reasons on your end, such as illness, weather, power outage, etc., then you would miss the deadline and lose out on E-rate altogether. So, get your E-rate process started and submit your Form 470 as soon as possible! Do you need help completing your forms? Do you have questions about E-rate? You’re in luck! USAC has Form 470 resources on their website: USAC is presenting 2 webinars this week on the E-rate program and the application process for Funding Year 2017. Check the USAC website for details and registration. And more recorded webinars, demos, and training materials are available on the NLC E-rate webpage. If you have any questions or need any assistance with your E-rate forms, please contact Christa Porter, 800-307-2665, 402-471-3107.
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