Free Unshelved Ebooks for Libraries

Unshelved+1Thanks to the generosity of our Kickstarter backers, Unshelved is allowing libraries to circulate DRM-free ebooks of its first eleven collections to their patrons absolutely free. We’ve offered to make these books available for circulation by all library ebook vendors. The first vendor who has taken us up on this is Mackin. Go Mackin! Information on how to access the ebooks can be found on this page. Anyone with questions about how to access the ebooks can contact Mackin directly at or 800-245-9540. We’ll update this page as others take us up on this offer. If your ebooks vendor isn’t listed here, please let them know you’d like them to carry the Unshelved ebooks (they can contact Gene for more information). That may be the push they need! Meanwhile you are also welcome to circulate our ebooks to your patrons directly. Read the following license, then sign up and we’ll send you download instructions.
In addition to the free books, our cataloger Emily has made MARC records available for these titles, all ready for you to download and import into your OPAC.
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