What To Do About Tax Forms

The Swiss Army Librarian is discussing how his library is handlingtaxcalculator the shortage of tax forms this year.  Seems the IRS Tax Forms Outlet Program doesn’t have the budget to send all the forms it has been sending to libraries.  So what’s a library to do?  SAL has some ideas and he’d like to hear what others are doing.   If anyone is adept at dealing with shortages, it’s librarians, so this exchange of ideas should be worthwhile.
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  1. Linda says:

    My library hasn’t gotten ANY tax forms for at least three years now. The Post Office doesn’t get any either. Guess our town is too small to matter. I just tell people the IRS is too cheap to send them out but if they know what they need we can print it for them and they can pay for the printouts because we don’t get reimbursed. It’s not the most popular answer, but they could always go to a tax prep place and pay an even higher price. I for one am tired of trying to make up for shortages caused by some government agency and I’m not going to cover it up for them.

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