New Report on Community Involvement and a Way to Earn Board C.E. Credit

We hear pretty often from library board members who are looking for ways to earn C.E. credits for board certification.  Here’s one—read the recent 20-page report from the International City/County Management Association titled  “Maximize the Potential of Your Public Library” (available in .PDF at Maximize_the_Potential_of_Your_Public_Library)  It says, “This new report and accompanying case studies provide examples and instructive guides on how public libraries in jurisdictions large and small are partnering with local governments and organizations to develop innovative solutions for important strategic community initiatives.” Each board member who reads the report can earn 1 C.E. credit.  And if library directors or staffers want to read the report, each of them can earn 1 C.E. credit toward their own librarian certification. You can check public library board certification status at: Any questions?  Contact Laura Johnson, 402.471.2694 or 800.307.2665 or via email.
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