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The Nebraska Library Commission is pleased to announce Technology Planning Summer Camp 2:

Don’t Just Survive, Thrive!


Check out the Flickr group slideshow to see pictures from both the 2011 and 2012 Summer Camps:


This 2-day workshop will be held three times across the state:


  • August 21-22 – Grand Island, Midtown Holiday Inn


  • September 5-6 – Norfolk, Divots Conference Center


  • September 11-12 – Ogallala, Quality Inn and Conference Center


This event will focus on the use of your library’s technology and how to prepare a technology plan for your library that will serve your future needs. You’ll find answers to the following important questions: How will you sustain and maintain the equipment you received after the BTOP grant, Library Broadband Builds Nebraska Communities (LBBNC) ends? What sorts of training should be planned for both your patrons and your staff? How can you network with other libraries to share knowledge?


The format of the event will be a combination of presentations and group conversations. The main purpose is for you to share with your colleagues what you have been doing during the grant and how you will continue in the future using the equipment and resources you have received.


Attendees should come prepared with tips, tricks, techniques, ideas, suggestions, questions, problems…anything you might like to talk to other librarians about. Although there will be some traditional presentations, this will not be a parade of talking heads. Your active participation is essential to the success of this event. Your goal is to listen to others, share your experiences, and come up with creative new solutions! Use this opportunity to learn together how your library can plan to Thrive, not just Survive!


Grant project partners will also be in attendance, sharing how they are working with the grant to provide specialized training programs. The partners that will be at each workshop will vary based on availability. More information will be available closer to the event dates.


See the Agenda for full details about all the sessions.


Technology Planning Summer Camp 2 is open to all public libraries in Nebraska. Up to 3 people from each library can attend – library administration, staff, IT support, and board members are invited. Dress is casual. Sessions may be recorded. Participants who attend all sessions will receive 10 CE Credits.


Funding for this event is being provided by a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in conjunction with the BTOP grant, Library Broadband Builds Nebraska Communities.