Throwback Thursday: Scotts Bluff National Monument in Nebraska.


Postcard of Scotts Bluff National Monument located in Scotts Bluff County in Nebraska, approximately early 1900’s.

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4 Responses to Throwback Thursday: Scotts Bluff National Monument in Nebraska.

  1. Mary Jo Ryan says:

    So, inquiring minds want to know. Is it Scottsbluff or Scotts Bluff? And is this a postcard in the Nebraska Library Commission’s database?

    • Mary Sauers says:

      Scottsbluff is the city, in Scotts Bluff County, Nebraska. This postcard is still in processing to be added to Nebraska Memories.

  2. Mary Jo Ryan says:

    So that must mean that since the bluff is in the county, it’s Scott’s Bluff?

    • Mary Sauers says:

      No, the bluff itself is called Scotts Bluff: Scotts Bluff National Monument in western Nebraska includes an important 19th-century landmark on the Oregon Trail and Mormon Trail. The National Monument contains multiple bluffs (steep hills) located on the south side of the North Platte River; it is named for one prominent bluff called Scotts Bluff, which rises over 800 feet (240 m) above the plains at its highest point. The monument is composed of five rock formations named Crown Rock, Dome Rock, Eagle Rock, Saddle Rock, and Sentinel Rock. Scotts Bluff County and the city of Scottsbluff, Nebraska, were named after the landmark.

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