Genealogy Essentials: Helping Patrons Search for Family Roots

GenealogyTree2Curiosity about where one comes from is innate to the human spirit. Did my grandmother adorn graves with marigolds for Día de los Muertos too? Mom, why do we fast for Ramadan? Did my great-great-grandfather really elope from Ontario to Wisconsin? Where do my people come from? Who am I?

Our personal histories are often a mix of heritage, culture, ethnicity and religion. One way to connect with our roots is through genealogy research. So many internet-based tools exist to help our patrons explore their histories, but as library staff we can help guide patrons to connect successfully with the details and stories of their ancestry.

On May 19, WebJunction will hold the free webinar Genealogy Essentials: Helping Patrons Search for Family Roots to show you how to assist patrons with genealogical questions using, a leading genealogy resource.

Most communities encompass many different cultures and heritages. This presents opportunities for libraries, and if you’re looking for ways to expand how you bring together the different facets of your community, check out the archived webinar Community Engagement: Serving Diverse Communities Where They Are.

Knowing that Latino and Spanish-speaking communities are growing around the country, we’re curious in our May Crossroads poll specifically if and how you are reaching these communities at your library. Let us know!

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Date : 19 May 2016

Time: 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM (Eastern Daylight Time)

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