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National Book Award Long List Announced!

The list for Young People’s Literature is included with the other categories on the National Book Award web page.  I notice one of our recent “Friday Reads,” Redeployment by Phil Klay, posted on August 8, 2014, is on the Fiction list.  Though I spend most of my time reading children’s and teen books, I do enjoy taking a look at lists of titles for adults that I might someday read.

At this point I have read one title on the Young People’s Literature list, though several are on my “to read” list and now I need to add a few more to it.  How many do you have in your library, and are the children or teens checking them out?  The Finalists will be announced on October 15.

Adventure, steampunk, and possible war are included in the 2013 One Book for Nebraska Teens, Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld.  Look for book club kits on the Commission’s list.

(The Nebraska Library Commission receives free copies of children’s and young adult books for review from a number of publishers.  After review, the books are distributed free, via the Regional Library Systems, to Nebraska school and public libraries.)

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