Below are links to resources regarding the software that we will be using during the rodeo. If you know of any other resources that you fell would be of use to your fellow attendees please feel free to post it in the comments.

In advance of the Rodeo please make an attempt to make one recording just to make sure everything’s working. This program does require Java to be installed on your computer but try it out first as Java is probably already on your computer.

Windows Live Movie Maker
Please have this program downloaded and installed on your laptop prior to the Rodeo. Please also take a moment to watch a few of the videos on this page and/or play with the software. At a minimum please import this test video into the programĀ (first right-click that link and save it to yout computer,) and make sure you do not get an error message. If you do, please contact Michael ASAP.

If you’d like some printed instructions on how to use Windows Live Movie Maker here are a few good ones:

This is the software we will be using to transfer your recorded videos off of the FlipCams so you can edit what you’ve created. Please install this on your computer prior to the Rodeo.

Legal Music for Videos
Your team may wish to add music to your video. This page provides links to multiple sources for music you can use and explains the basics of Creative Commons licensing.

Here’s a few informational articles which you may find useful in preparing for the Rodeo:

If you’re looking to continue your work in video here’s some additional software you may want to investigate:

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