You’re invited to the NLC Tech Rodeo!

The Tech Rodeo — 48 hours of immersive learning about the technology that you are using now and will use in the future in libraries. You’ll

  • learn technology fundamentals,
  • create, edit and present video content,
  • create educational content with screen capture,
  • learn and practice real-world presentation skills,
  • explore trends and issues affecting libraries, and
  • gain experience with team-building and group dynamics.

Oh, and you’ll

  • have fun,
  • gain confidence,
  • network, and
  • make friends, too!

We’ll have a hifalootin’, scootin’, shootin’ (video that is) 48 hours of learning through doin’.

  • Thursday, July 26, at 1 p.m.  through Saturday, July 28 at 1:30 p.m.  (see the Rodeo Schedule for complete details.)
  • At Doane College, Crete, NE.

All expenses are included for 21st Century Librarian Scholarship recipients. For other attendees, $100.00 will cover meals and 2 night’s accommodations, as well as registration fees.

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3 Responses to You’re invited to the NLC Tech Rodeo!

  1. Jayne Germer says:

    We’re excited to have you at Doane! Please stop by the library Thursday and Friday to say “Hi!”

    • Laura Johnson says:

      Thanks! We’re pretty excited ourselves–and glad to be coming to Doane! See you then.

  2. Dana Still says:

    I have had a wonderful time at the Tech Rodeo! Thank you to the Library Commission staff for making the event fun and informational! I look forward to attending other events!

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