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WebJunction courses and webinars are always free, providing learning at your fingertips when you need it. You’ll need a free account to get started, but then you’ll have access to over 40 self-paced courses and over 200 webinar recordings. Here are a just of the few options that can help you meet your professional goals:

Extreme Customer Service, Every Time

Self-paced, 2 hours   LOGIN

Commitment to great customer service goes beyond “service with a smile.” It is a commitment to truly engage and communicate with patrons and to find ways to extend the experience above and beyond their expectations. Presenter Gretchen Caserotti provides practical and actionable ideas that can help your library, whether small or large, commit to excellent customer service.

ABLE: Alternate Basic Library Education

Developed by staff of the Idaho Commission for Libraries, these courses provide basic library knowledge and skills for staff members who have no formal education in library science. These courses are organized into three key topical areas, Collection Development, Technical Services, and Public Services.

Growing Through Conflict: Healthy Workplace Communication

Recorded, 1 hour  LOGIN

When conflict occurs, and we are confronted with a colleague, library patron, supervisor, or board member who is frustrated and upset, it can be tempting to identify a quick fix. However, when we take the time to practice clear communication to uncover what people really need, we can get to better outcomes. Practicing healthy communication skills will boost your self-confidence and contribute to a happier workplace.


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