Funding for Small-Town Libraries: Kreutz Bennett Donor Advised Fund Grants

The Nebraska Community Foundation has recently announced that this year’s Kreutz Bennett Donor Advised Fund Grants are now available for public libraries in communities of fewer than 3,000 residents. The three types of grants are:

  • Planning Grants (leading to public library Accreditation)
  • Enhancement Grants (for improving library services and/or programs)
  • Facilities Grants (to contribute toward new facilities, or renovation, restoration or rehabilitation of current libraries)

The process requires submitting an initial “short application” — due by October 1, 2014. This application is reviewed and used as a basis for whether or not to invite the library to send in a “long form” application which is used to determine which libraries will receive grants during this grant year.

For details on the grants, including match requirements, levels of funding available, and many more details, contact: Reggi Carlson, Nebraska Community Foundation Communications Director, (402)323-7331 or or go to the following link to review the guidelines and to see the application procedures including the short application:

Nebraska Community Foundation is a statewide organization using charitable giving to build prosperous communities. NCF works with volunteer leaders serving more than 200 communities by providing training, strategic development, gift planning assistance and financial management for its affiliated funds located throughout the state. In the last five years more than 35,000 contributions have been made to NCF affiliated funds, and more than $122 million has been reinvested to benefit Nebraska communities. For more information visit

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