Let’s Dance!

May Pole DanceSince prehistoric times people have danced.  Whether celebrating at special occasions, preserving their cultural heritage, or  just having a good time, Nebraskans like to dance. In Nebraska Memories  you can find some great examples.

Dance class Folk dancing was popular at the Nebraska State Normal Schools in Kearney and Wayne. In the photo above from the University of Nebraska Kearney collection young women are participating in a May Pole Dance. In this picture from the Wayne State College collection a Folk Dancing Class is performing. When these women graduated and began teaching, they probably taught their students to folk dance.

Soukup & Petrzilka TavernSpeaking of having a good time, by the early 20th century, establishments like the Soukup and Petrzilka Tavern in Brainard had sprung up in many Nebraska towns. The white building attached to the back of the tavern in this pre-1911 photo from the Boston Studio collection was a dance hall. Can’t you imagine the patrons dancing to a Czech polka band and enjoying the Storz beer advertised on the outside wall of the tavern?

Ballroom at Klug ParkThe Durham Museum Collection includes the two photos below. The 1939 picture on the left makes me wonder if the folks watching the band at the ballroom at Klug Park were there to jitterbug. They certainly are packed into the room, which must have been pretty hot on that July day! Dance at HotelThe couple on the right at a 1938 dance at the Logan Hotel are more formally dressed at what was probably a private party.

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  1. Janet Greser says:

    Speaking of dancing “Wahoo’s Starlite Ballroom celebrates 50 years” was an article in the Lincoln Journal Star on Sunday: http://journalstar.com/entertainment/misc/wahoo-s-starlite-ballroom-celebrates-years/article_4c663def-65a6-533d-b3c7-f037cc2c73d8.html
    I attended many a wedding, anniversary, and birthday celebration at several of the area ballrooms. I especially remember my mom and dad dancing to many a Czech Polka, and they even met in the Oak Ballroom in Schuyler, NE. So I could say that my life began, danced through, and I still am dancing my way around the midwest, you are so right Beth, Let’s Dance!!

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