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Library & Information Services
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Spring 2014
January 13, 2014 – May 8, 2014


LIBR 2150 Managing Collections in Libraries and Information Agencies
Patty Birch, Instructor

This course will provide students with an understanding of managing collections in libraries and information agencies, including:

  • Basics of Collection Management (terminology, models)
  • 21st Century Literacies
  • Selection (All resources, for all age levels)
  • Acquisition
  • Deselection/Weeding
  • Intellectual Freedom
  • Copyright

Prerequisite: LIBR 1010 Foundations of Library & Information Services.
For information regarding course content, contact the instructor at pbirch@esu16.org

LIBR 2210 Cataloging and Classification
Ruth Carlock, Instructor

This course will include theories, concepts and activities for cataloging and classifying materials in the 21st Century.  It includes the following topics:

  • The bibliographic record
  • Sears and Library of Congress subject headings
  • Dewey Decimal and Library of Congress classification systems
  • The MARC record
  • Resource Description and Access Instructions

Prerequisite: LIBR 1010 Foundations of Library & Information Services
For information regarding this course, contact the instructor at rcarlock@cccneb.edu

LIBR 2940  Library and Information Services Capstone Practicum
Erica Rose, Instructor

This capstone course is the last course in the Library & Information Services program. Students will complete 40 hours of service learning in a host library. The course also includes a review of the principle pieces of learning from the LIS program.

Prerequisites:  LIBR 1010, 2100, 2150, 2210, & 2250
For information regarding this course, contact the instructor at erose@cccneb.edu

For information on 21st Century Librarian Scholarships, see: Nebraska Library Commission website at:   http://nlc1.nlc.state.ne.us/NowHiring/Scholarships.asp

For information concerning Admissions or Registration, contact: Dee Johnson
, 402-562-1418 or Toll Free at 877-222-0780 ext. 1418

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