Application for Nebraska Public Library Accreditation Now on the Nebraska Library Commission’s Website

July 1, 2013 has arrived, and, as promised, the on-line application form to apply for public library accreditation is now active.  Go here to begin the application process:

Fifty Nebraska public libraries are due for reaccreditation in 2013. Forty additional public libraries (in the Dollars for Data category) that submitted their annual statistics for the Public Libraries Survey are also eligible to apply for accreditation. These two groups of libraries have received an e-mail today with details on how to initiate and go through the process.

Workshops on how to write a strategic plan — a requirement in order to apply for accreditation — are occurring or have occurred in each regional library System area. Stragegic planning templates, explanatory videos, and how-to guides are also available at the above link. Libraries may contact their System Administrator for additional information.

For questions concerning the public library accreditation process, contact Richard Miller — (800)307-2665; (402)471-3175.



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