Planning workshops — the new Accreditation Guidelines

The Nebraska Guidelines for Public Library Accreditation which the Nebraska Library Commission will begin using in July require that a library have an up-to-date strategic plan in place. The  new guidelines are community-based, so libraries need to know what their communities’ needs are in order to provide appropriate library services that meet those unique needs. That’s where planning comes in.

The Commission and the regional Library Systems have put together  materials to help libraries in this effort.  These resources include:

  • Six print worksheets  related to steps in the planning process to fill out in order to create a plan — Plan to Plan; Community Profile; Community Needs; Take Stock; Develop Goals & Objectives; and Evaluate Programs & Services
  • Explanatory videos to be used with the worksheets to review and help get the discussion going for the planning process

In addition each System area will be scheduling planning workshops in their regions. So far the following two have been scheduled:

  • Northeast Library System (Wed., June 19, 2013) — Norfolk Public Library: Sarah Warneke and Richard Miller will present at this 6 to 8 PM workshop. See the calendar for registration information.
  • Panhandle Library System (Wed., June 26, 2013) — Western Nebraska Community College — Sidney: Eric Green and Richard Miller will present at this 9 AM to 3 PM workshop. Contact Panhandle Library System for more details.
  • Watch the Commission’s calendar for details from other Systems for upcoming planning workshops.

For questions about these workshops contact Richard Miller or Laura Johnson at the Commission, or your regional System Administrator.

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