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NPR’s List of “Best Ever Teen Novels” Remember a couple of weeks ago when I sent an email to the CHILDLIB-L group giving you a link to National Public Radio’s list of 235 finalists and asking you to vote for ten of them as your choices?  Well, the list has now been set at 100.  Visit their web page  to see the list and decide how much you agree with the voters and the panel of judges.  Looking at the list it is clear their definition of “Teen Books” differs from YALSA, they are using an “appeals to teens” approach.  It’s an interesting list that would be fun to discuss with others and to contemplate what is missing and what is there that you feel should not be.  And, maybe, you will find a title or two that you really must read.  I know I did. Rosemary Wells has a new series for young readers called “Kindergators.”  The first book in the series is Hands Off, Harry and it addresses personal space.  Harry is usually bothering the other students: poking one and shouting “surprise” from behind another.  Babette brings the bumper tube (inner tube type item) back from the gym.  Harry cannot touch anyone while wearing it and he finally spends some time thinking about personal space.  Cute and clever, even with this didactic message kids will enjoy the story.  Just so you know: Book #2 in this series is Miracle Melts Down, however, I haven’t yet seen a copy of it. (The Nebraska Library Commission receives free copies of children’s and young adult books for review from a number of publishers.  After review, the books are distributed free, via the Regional Library Systems, to Nebraska school and public libraries.)
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